About Bags of Adventure

Welcome to my personal blog – Bags of Adventure, formerly The Coconut Times!

P1060923 I started blogging when I was living in Oman as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family. My blog has since evolved in name and purpose and is now an electronic space where people can find out about the bags of adventure I have with the things I enjoy most – travel and  diving.

Since learning to dive in 2005 I have travelled extensively, either through work or pursuing my underwater passion, and both inspired me to blog about my experiences.

I am a PADI rescue diver with over 500 logged dives and for 10 years, my love of diving has taken me to some wonderful and fascinating parts of the world.  This is what really prompted me to stay overseas for so long and to eventually blog about my dive and travel adventures.

Why blogging is important to me

PrintCommunications has come a long way since I left the UK in 2003 – I initially kept in touch with friends and family via email, which at the time  had replaced airmail – remember that? Many friends and family will recall my “Afghanigrams” from Kabul and my “Nile Files” from Cairo. 

When I opened Facebook and Skype accounts in 2007,  the world of long distance communications changed. I started to exchange “bite sized” news chunks and chatter with free online calls. Or not at all, as some in my networks resisted opening social media accounts (and still do). Of course nowadays, the choice available is extensive – and growing…


The digital communications era really took off with smartphones and 3G – they put the world in the palm of our hand.   iPhone and android apps such as Whatsapp and Viber suddenly made the world a much smaller place.

Technology continues to change how we communicate and share news.  I have always said Facebook is the “cheats” way to keep in touch.   Over the years though I have discovered one thing – I miss writing!  So Bags of Adventure is about keeping in touch, not clogging up email in-boxes and of course sharing some of my travel adventures.


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