Puerto Galera Part 2 – above water


After four days of scuba diving in Puerto Galera, I went down with an ear infection. I looked at returning home early, but discovered there were plenty of other alternative activities to enjoy. Plus, ever the eternal optimist, I was hoping my ear infection might even heal quickly.

Across the inner bay from Badladz was Puerto Galera Yacht Club. I had been there a couple of days earlier to sample their highly acclaimed baby back ribs, and in between delicious mouthfuls,  The Commodore addressed a packed clubhouse as a three day regatta was about to start. I remembered he mentioned that any visitors wanting to sail simply needed to turn up at 9am every morning and a place on a yacht would be found. So off I hopped to the yacht club – with my water logged ear and painkillers  Here is the clubhouse – I was  waiting for the skippers brief and was early of course… Continue reading