2014 summary in pictures

For the last few months my dive gear and travel bags have had time off and blog has been quiet.  I have been preoccupied attending a family wedding plus doing more routine things in life back in the UK.  As the year draws to a close however, I have been reflecting over the year and decided to select 12 of my favourite (and mainly people) photos from my various travels and experiences.


Lord Lucan and Crazy German, two of many dedicated hash house harriers, show off their “badge jackets” at the Pattaya Jungle Hash House Harriers Australia Day run:


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Reef cruising – snapshot travel moments

It’s not often I am caught unaware on camera , but my buddy for this dive somehow managed to here.  I was enjoying a reef in one of Thailand’s lesser known dive spots:


To read more about what I saw and the general diving conditions around this lovely island, you can read my blog post here.

You have been warned – snapshot travel moments

The urge to pick up and check if a mango is ripe is best compared to popping bubble wrap – almost irresistible.  This Pattaya street vendor selling Khao Niaow Ma Muang (mango sticky rice) is clearly used to this and has a very clear policy well communicated!


It obviously works as he has been in business for 26 years – and yes, his mangoes are ripe and sweet.

Dress on the go – snapshot travel moments

Street vendors in Thailand are very much an everyday scene and the lifeblood of local economies.  Most are food street hawkers, but you do come across a variety of others that take their goods to the customers.  This dress shop especially caught my eye:


“Oh that’s a nice dress.  Where did you get it?” – “Oh, off the back of a truck.”