Attending important monkey business

Lopburi 159

In Thailand, there are officially three seasons – rainy, cool and hot.  A few days ago, the rainy season was officially declared over when the Royal Thai Crown Price changed the attire of the Emerald Buddah to his cool season garb. The last three months have been particularly wet, so I took this ceremonial changing of the seasons as my cue to start exploring Thailand a bit more.

My inspiration for this weekend has come from quite an unlikely source – the enigmatic world explorer Karl Pilkington. His report from Thailand’s monkey city of Lopburi was enough for me to hit google and figure out how to get there. Imagine my delight when I learned that the annual Lopburi Monkey Festival was an imminent, and this included an extravagant party for these beloved and sacred city residents. So off I headed to Lopburi, which is only 150km north east of Bangkok. I took a minibus from Victory Monument as it was quicker and more convenient for me, but Lopburi can also be reached by train from Hualamphong station.  Fares for both are around 120 bhat one way. Continue reading