Desert shadows – snapshot travel moments

At only 5’1″ or 156 cms, this is the longest my legs will ever look so I felt I had to capture the moment! It was close to sunset during an epic desert adventure I had:


To read more about this amazing trip, my observations and the incredible sights I saw, you can read my blog here.

Desert border crossings – passports optional

For once, a real desert ditty…. and epic adventure! Marina Bruce, my old school friend sent me a message a couple of weeks ago. Those that read my first ever blog post will remember that Marina introduced me to blogging.  She blogs mostly about off-roading and her life in Al Ain. Her husband Neil and fellow off-roader Vince were going on a rather ambitious overnight off-road trip to the UAE, Oman and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confluence point.  Was I interested in going as a passenger?  To earn my passage, I was to be the expedition “winch wench”, trip snapper and camp bar tender.  It took me about a nano second to say “yes”. Continue reading