Pattaya Jungle H3 Australia Day Hash January 2014

When I considered moving to Thailand, one of the things I researched was the running clubs in my area. I discovered there was a very active Hash House Harriers community of four chapters (clubs/meets) not too far away.   The most convenient to me was Pattaya Jungle Hash House Harriers (H3), which meets every fortnight on a Sunday afternoon.

I had previously heard about hashing – it is usually described as a drinking club with a running problem. The real deal is a non-competitive running club following different trails each week then afterwards focuses equally on social elements.  Somewhat different to the Abu Dhabi Striders that got me back into running, where weekly predictor runs and regular competitions were order of the day.  Running around my area is a solitary affair with only traffic and vicious, semi wild soi (street) dogs, making dangerous and hostile company.  So last year four weeks after arriving,  I started to run with the Pattaya Jungle H3. Continue reading