My Thai kitchen secret


My kitchen is a typically Thai – outdoors, protected from the elements, just a simple hot plate and no oven.


As you can observe it is underused, which will be a surprise to those that know me as I love to cook. This is partly because I have got out of the habit due to a leaking roof during rainy season and psoriasis spreading to both hands. The main reason however is I don’t need to cook. So that is my Thai kitchen secret – I don’t cook much, and I’m not the only one either. Here is a typical street hawker on the streets on Bangkok. Why cook when an expert can do it for you – for just under £1 and over $1!? Continue reading

The Save Minamisoma Project and the JW Marriott Khao Lak


On the morning of March 11 2011,  I remember sitting in my living room having breakfast with two house guests.  It was the day before my first triathlon – the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon.   On CNN, breaking news from Japan took over the morning headlines with scenes of the devastating tsunami as it hit the shores of North Eastern Japan.  I am sure many will recall the ariel news footage showing scenes of a high speed, debris ridden black wave engulfing the flat farmlands of North Eastern Japan. With this huge wave were complete buildings – some on fire – ships and trucks, all destroying anything in its path…


I immediately sent a message to my friend living in Tokyo. She of course felt the earthquake and the city had gone into its famous and well rehearsed earthquake emergency plan, fearing more earthquakes and aftershocks.  Thankfully her family from the effected area were also safe.  I did my triathlon and gradually the 11 March tsunami dropped off the news agenda – apart from Fukushima of course.

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One year on and clearly coconuts…..

As well as celebrating a royal birth this week, my blog is a year old and a big thanks to all those who have read my posts over the past 12 months.  Thank you also for all the support and encouragement to continue – I am glad my missives have been enjoyed.

Renaming or re-branding anything is a tricky exercise – just ask anyone working for Ernst and Young, or EY as they are now branded.   I have left the Middle East so this has been a natural juncture to review and rename my blog.  I am in Thailand for now and I started to find inspiration on my first day… Continue reading

Udderly delicious breakfast….

..and as appealing as the packaging…

It struck me that my blog posts don’t touch on some of the less interesting and everyday things in life. So this post is about my favourite breakfast – porridge. Yes, that’s right.  Porridge.  Known as oatmeal by my North American friends.  It sounds boring and looks a pale and uninteresting shade of grey to non-porridge aficionado’s.  But I hope to change this perception with those yet to be converted.  And this is all you need to make it,  plus use of a microwave and 2 – 3 minutes to prepare… Continue reading