Cluster bomb shell recycling – snapshot travel moment

These charming Hmong children in Ban Tha Jok, more commonly known as “bomb village”‘ caught my eye as I wandered around. Many villagers have used the cluster bomb shell casings as stilts for their homes and working buildings. There is a plentiful supply and they provide a termite free alternative to wooden stilts.


In Xaing Khuang province Laos, millions of tons of ordnance were dropped during the secret war between 1964 and 1973. In fact Laos has the record of being the most heavily bombed country ever. More ordnance was dropped in Laos than Germany and Japan combined during World War 2.  One of the worst effected areas is in and around Ponsavan and the Plain of Jars, about 25km from where this picture was taken. I’ll be blogging more about the UXO (unexploded ordnance) in Xiang Khuang soon….

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