Lifetime ambition – a walk in the park

I am back in Perth, drying out after all that Jakarta rain.  Australia is of course very famous for its indigenous wildlife and I remember back in 2009 being very excited at seeing my first kangaroo and emu near Exmouth in Western Australia, both within minutes of each other on the drive to join a dive boat.  High on my list of “must see” has been koalas, sometimes (incorrectly) known as koala bears.   In fact, they have been high on this list since falling in love with koalas during a school project a few years back….. Continue reading

Jakarta culinary adventures – the pork knuckle run

My time in Jakarta drew to a close so quickly it seems, and as I reflect over my four weeks in Indonesia’s bustling capital, it will best be remembered for four things; work, rain, traffic and food. Everyday I experienced a good healthy combination of these, but during my penultimate day last Wednesday, I was treated to all in bucket loads ….  so this blog is pretty much about these and getting to a dinner date with some colleagues – the pork knuckle run, and a few other less wet culinary adventures. Continue reading