Magnificent Mosques of Muscat

My top five favourite Muscat Mosques

When living in an Islamic country you can truly appreciate Mosques, their abundance and accessibility to worshippers.  Even when you can’t see them, you can hear them as the call to prayer is made five time a day.  The first is the Fajar, which is called between dawn and sunrise, so alarm clocks are generally not needed in the Middle East!

The  proximity of Mosques is also noticeable. I remember in Abu Dhabi a Mosque was found every kilometre, so no one would have more than a 500m walk to pray.  It appears to be similar in Muscat, as Mosques are very much part of the landscape.  What makes them even more noticeable is the diversity of style and age, reflecting a city that is both steeped in a diverse cultural heritage, yet is expanding fast thanks to the oil fuelled developing economy. Continue reading